travel videography

travel videography

27 Jun 2018 … The following article on travel videography is a guest post by Garrett Galvan. 16.7
seconds. That’s how …

11 Aug 2017 … I have left out a major part of my video making life – life as a travel videographer. I
‘ve traveled since a …

Ready to take your travel video to the next level? Shawn talks gear, technique
and editing.

28 Apr 2016 … Ben Gattegno is a 28-year-old adventure videographer currently residing in
London. Working as Head …

4 Oct 2018 … 11 tips from the video experts on making travel videos. Learn some simple tips on
how to make your …

20 Jun 2015 … In this article Matti shares some extremely useful guidelines and tips on how to
make a cinematic and …

21 Nov 2017 … If you are looking for simple and effective tips to create awesome travel videos,
this article will go right …

25 Apr 2018 … Dan Lior, a very skilled travel videographer and amazingly talented artist, shares
his latest Tanzania …

Although travel videography may appear to be a competitive industry it actually
isn’t so far, as there are very few people …

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